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Best Student Presentation and Poster Awards

DRS Daylight Solutions is sponsoring a Best Student Presentation award and a Best Student Poster award.

Eligibility: The lead author must be a current graduate or undergraduate student at the time of submission. The student must be present to either give the presentation or present the poster.

Award: First, Second, and Third place awards of $500, $300, and $100 respectively will be awarded for each prize.

Basis for Judging: A selection committee will be appointed by the conference organziers. Presentations and posters are judged based on technical merit, originality, potential impact on the field, and quality of the presentation.

Best Student Presentation Award

1st Prize

Hedwig Knötig for the Presentation “Continuous-Wave Operation of Ring Interband Cascade Lasers”, Hedwig Knötig, Borislav Hinkov, Robert Weih, Sven Höfling, Werner Schrenk, Johannes Koeth, Johannes P. Waclawek, Bernhard Lendl and Gottfried Strasser

2nd Prize

Andres Forrer for the Presentation “Injection locking and bi-stable operation of a homogeneous bound-to-continuum THz Quantum Cascade Laser spanning up to 1.65 THz,” Andres Forrer, David Stark, Martin Franckié, Tudor Olariu, Mattias Beck, Jérôme Faist and Giacomo Scalari

3rd Prize

Nikola Opačak for the Presentation “Modelling the intra-cavity dynamics behind phase locking of quantum cascade laser frequency combs”, Nikola Opačak, Gottfried Strasser and Benedikt Schwarz

Best Student Poster Award

1st Prize

Johannes Hillbrand for the Poster “Frequency comb dynamics of ultrafast quantum dot lasers”, Johannes Hillbrand, Dominik Auth, Marco Piccardo, Federico Capasso, Gottfried Strasser, Stefan Breuer and Benedikt Schwarz

2nd Prize

Ziping Li for the Poster “On-chip dual-comb semiconductor-based terahertz sources under double microwave injections,” Ziping Li, Wenjian Wan, Kang Zhou, Xiaoyu Liao, Juncheng Cao and Hua Li

3rd Prize

Zeineb Loghmari for the Poster “Dual single-frequency far infrared (17.5 and 19.5 µm) emission from InAs-based distributed feedback double metal waveguide quantum cascade laser”, Zeineb Loghmari, Roland Teissier, Michael Bahriz and Alexei Baranov