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Student Travel Award

Through a grant from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) we will be able to provide partial travel support (up to $1000) to a limited number of US-based students and postdocs. The students who receive this money will be chosen by a very brief application, with priority given to those who are (a) students presenting a talk (first priority) or (b) students presenting a poster (second priority), or (c) postdocs presenting a talk (third priority), (d) students or postdocs attending (last priority). An effort will also be made to limit the support to one student per research group, so as to more evenly spread the travel support. Eligible costs will be travel and lodging. The award will be provided after the conference as a travel reimbursement provided by UCLA.

Please note, that there is no citizenship requirement, but rather this is related to the university being in the US.

Specific information on how to apply will be provided during the abstract submission and registration process.